Reservoir Dogs | Quentin Tarantino | 1992
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Reservoir Dogs | Quentin Tarantino | 1992

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You're right, I did, I apologize.

Wait what did you do? Sorry my brain is super jumbled tonight and I’ve gotten a lot of asks in the past half hous

dunks self in the nearest trashcan he's super sweet and FOR ONCE I'M NOT CRUSHING ON A SHITTY CIS DUDE and I keep planning stupid things to make him stupidly happy and I really care about him so much and fuck I'm tearing up I haven't had a crush on a decent person in almost 4 years I'm really glad he returns my feeling and I just....I dunno it would be long distance but I'm in a good place mentally for once so maybe something serious could work???...I hope so he's so fucking perfect I'm so queer

That’s awesome!!! Yay!!

My crush is super adorable and sweet and the nicest person I've ever met except when she's driving. She knits and embroiders and sews and does phenomenal cosplays almost from nothing. She has synesthesia so she tastes colours and every so often I go out of my way to say orange or purple (they apparently taste like sugar and sweet tarts, respectively) and she gets this tiny smile at the corners of her mouth like she's trying not to let anyone see and it makes me feel fuzzy.

D’awwwwww this is adorable

Remember tho too u were someone who was uneducated before as well so be a little more patient with them. They obviously dont know/understand. U might not change their mind but you could be a stepping stone/seed to them knowing better in the future...

I never implied I wasn’t patient. It’s just difficult to be around people who aren’t on the same page as you about ANY issue, not just #sj topics. I spend a lot of time being patient and educating people. 

apparently my crush like me back? the other day she put a note in my bag when i wasnt looking in class, and after school she texted me to look at it and it was a drawing of her and i in dresses holding hands with "prom?" written under the drawing. ofc i said yes bc its the cutest thing ever and im really happy she asked uwu


my crush is a cute girl. we were mutual follows then found ea other on okc & realized we live 30 mins away from ea other. we've gone on a couple dates & hung out & held hands & we both want to kiss ea other but are shy. she's gorgeous & rly amazing!

Omg this is really cute

My crush is super awesome, loves cosplay like whoah and is always way supportive and says kind and really uplifting things all the time. I'm already in a relationship with someone I love a lot too so it's kind of a weird state for me but I'm realizing and accepting that I can like more than one person, and I really like this person.

Realizing you’re capable of romantic feelings for multiple people is a really interesting thing, isn’t it?

ok so my crush is rly nice? but hes like quite a bit older than me. hes an english major and an aspiring novelist. he has a rly cute voice and a similarly cute face. the problem is hes cis and cis guys scare me (and yet i get disproportionate amounts of crushes on them fml), and hes (as far as i know) straight, or at least predominantly attracted to girls, which i am not. but hes funny and fun to talk to, really interesting and kind, likes pokemon and harry potter and quite a few other things...

I’m totally with you on the crushing on cis guys dilemma. That sounds like a rough situation all around i’m sorry :C

Dance pants for fancy pants

Is this a reference I’m not getting?

tell me about your crush (tumblr or irl)


after learning about transphobia and misogyny and etc its so uncomfortable to be around any person thats not educated on these issues in real life  

okokok would you rather eat your favourite flavour of ice cream all day long and luxuriate in whatever way you please, or go for a flight riding on the back of an exuberant and friendly dragon for about 40 minutes?


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for some reason I ended up using ‘ye’ as part of my daily vocabulary